Permanent Makeup Academy Inc.  
13 Week Schedule 

Week 1 
Go over Supplies
Handout State Application
Handout MRI Information
Discuss Machine Types Handout
Handout Manual Self Test
Handout Sterilization 
Handout Purple Book Test/ Go over Ch.1 Answers
Handout Workbook Pretests Chapters 1-6
Handout Client Consultation Forms (Make Copies)
Book Appointment Time for next week clinical Patient
Homework Chapter 1 Workbook
Homework Chapter 1-5 Purple Book

Week 2
Practice on Clinical Patient $150 Cash only (lip # 1)
Discuss Homework 
Discuss Client Consultation forms 
Handout Premier MSDS Sheet
Bring 1 Clinical Patient $150 cash only Per Procedure
Homework watch Eyeliner Video
Homework Chapter 2 Workbook
Homework Chapter 6 -8 Purple Book
Homework makeup on 2 sets of Silicone eyes one thick one thin

Week 3
Practice on Clinical Patient (eyeliner #1)
Discuss Homework
Discuss brow placement
Brow Video
Homework Ch 3 Workbook 
Homework Ch 9-11 Purple
Homework makeup on silicone 2 sets of brows

  Week 4  
Practice on clinical patient(eyebrow #1)
Discuss homework
Handout Tongue Blades
Discuss colors
Lip Video
Homework Colors Purple Book
Homework Ch.4 Workbook
Make Color Sticks with tongue blades
Homework Makeup on silicone 1 brow, 1 lip, 1 eyeliner

Week 5
Practice on clinical patient (eyeliner #2 & Eyebrow #2)
Discuss Homework
Homework Ch. 5 Workbook
Homework Steam and Gas – Chapter 18 Purple

Week 6
Practice on Clinical Patient (Brow# 3 & Lip #2)
Discuss Homework
​•Areola Video
Homework Chapter 6 &7 workbook
Homework Chapter 18 Purple
Homework Silicone 1 of each brow, lip, eye

Week 7
Practice on Clinical Patient (Eyeliner #3 and Brow #4 or Areola)
Discuss Homework
Discuss Legal Issues and Complaints
Homework Silicone one of each brow, lip, eye

Week 8
Practice on Clinical Patient (Brow #5 & lip #3)
Discuss Homework
Homework Ch. 20- Pain Control Purple
Pain Control Video
Homework Silicone one of each brow, lip, eye

Week 9
Practice on Clinical Patient (Brow #6 & Eye # 4)
Discuss homework
Homework Pain Control to end Purple 

Week 10
Practice on Clinical Patient ( Brow #7, Lip #4, Eye #5)
Discuss Homework
Homework Study for Purple Test

Week 11
Practice on Clinical Patient (Brow #8, Lip #5, Eye #6)
Take Purple Book Test
Homework Study Workbook

  Week 12
Practice on Clinical Patient (Lip #6, Eye# 7)
Take Workbook Test

  Week 13
Clinical Patients must be finished (Lip #7 & #8 Eye# 8)
Certificates will be handed out
Documents will be faxed into Health Department
Mail in State Application