Tracy Ward graduated from the American Beauty College in 1994 and then completed training at the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics or Medical Micropigmentation(Permanent Cosmetics) in 1999.

She went on to apprentice for one year under Bonnie Benien R.N. at The Cosmetic Surgery Center, Inc. She became certified in Medical Micropigmentation in 2002 as one of the first few people to become certified in the State of Oklahoma following implementation of the new state regulations. Tracy was hired on at Moore-Norman Vo-Tech as the first instructor of micropigmentology in Oklahoma.

Tracy practiced at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Oklahoma City until 2006 and performed thousands of procedures. Currently, Tracy owns and operates a medical spa, Rizzato. She practices permanent cosmetics at Rizzato under, Medical Director, Dr. Henry Ramirez M.D. Tracy also owns and operates the Permanent Makeup Academy. She continues to thrive and has become a leader in the field of the Permanent Cosmetic Industry.

Medical micropigmentation apprentice

Tracy Ward will teach medical micropigmentation based on 18 years of experience performing permanent makeup, as well as, her teaching experience at Moore-Norman careertech and the Permanent Makeup Academy. Tracy will use the curriculum, instructors manual, and student handbook provided by careertech. Test and objective worksheets are given at the end of every chapter.

Requirements of a Medical Micropigmentoligist

Must be at least 21 years of age
High school diploma or its equivalent
Notarized copy of birth certificate
Notarized copy of drivers license or similar photo ID
Immunization records
No prior felony convictions
Patients for clinical. (Family and friends)

Students will need state testing fee $200 and license fees $515
License fee after your first year is $100 per year.

Permanent Makeup Annual Projections
Medical Micropigmentation is a unique and reliable way to make additional income for any medical practice. The initial cost is relatively inexpensive with an extremely high return on your investment.

Cost of Procedure                            Procedures per week                              Yearly Income
$300                                                         1                                                       $15,600
3$00                                                         3                                                       $46,800
$300                                                         5                                                       $78,000
$300                                                         7                                                       $109,200
$300                                                         15                                                     $234,000

$400                                                         1                                                       $20,800
$400                                                         3                                                       $62,400
$400                                                         5                                                       $104,000
$400                                                         7                                                       $145,600
$400                                                         15                                                     $312,000

$500                                                         1                                                       $26,000
$500                                                         3                                                       $78,000
$500                                                         5                                                       $130,000
$500                                                         7                                                       $182,000
$500                                                        15                                                     $390,000

Clinical Evaluation
The Medical Micropigmentation class should take about three months no longer than four including clinical time.

1. Students will practice on clinical patients 1. Students will practice on clinical patients 
2.Students must be 100% competent before performing on patients.
3.Students will do a complete consultation before performing on patients.
4.Students are required to do at least 8 of each procedure (eyes, lips, brows) on patients provided by the students.
5.Students will be required to carry professional program insurance
6.There will not be any makeup classes or clinicals for missed days.
7.Clinicals will be performed in 3-4 consecutive days if they are not completed during class.
8.Evening Class time will be 4 hours per week 6-10pm.
9.Day Class will be 6-8 hours per week, There is mandatory homework.

Competency Evaluation
1.100% competency is required for all Medical Micropigmentation technique and skill.
2.85% is required on the written test for Medical Micropigmentation theory and skill.

Detailed list of supplies students will need to bring to every class
The supplies are not provided or included in the tuition. Everything must be disposable!
 Career Tech 800-654-4502

1.Medical Micropigmentation student workbook $10  Phone: 847-635-1330

1. 3rd Ed. Medical Issues for Permanent Cosmetic Technicians $32.99
2. Permanent Cosmetics Equipment Manual $32.99 Toll Free 800/441-2515 
1.Official textbook for the American Academy of Micropigmentation $75 (old edition)

Premier Pigments 800-642-1096 (approximate prices)
1.Silicone Practice Pad: eyes
2.Silicone Practice pad :Lips
3.#16 cap holder @ 3.50 each
4.#16 caps box $3
5.Bacitracin box of 144 $13.50

Eyebrow colors(originals)
6.light brown
7.dark brown
9.light taupe

Eyeliner colors(originals)
10.midnight blue
11.sapphire eyes
12.dark brown eyes
13.brown eyes

Correction colors(originals)
14.warm up #2

Lip colors(originals)ginals)
natural lips               .warm natural lips
Orange red                berry brown   
Raisin                       brown lips
chocolate cherry       .nude lips
Cranberry                  terra cotta        
barely there

Meicha 1-800-meicha-8

1.Sapphire Dynasty Pro machine $250
2.#3 Needles/ 1 Box
3.#5 Needles/ 1 Box
4.#6 Flat Needles / 1 Box
5.Round tips
6.#6 Flat tips
7. Casing

Kolorsource 888-664-9990  

1. Black Bean eyeliner Pigment
2.Pitch Black Eyeliner Pigment
3.Crosstex Disposable Sanitizing wipes 
4.Order all the free videos


Supplies from your local drugstore or medical supply:
1. Non- Latex gloves 4 boxes (sams club)
2.Sterile eye wash (sensitive eyes)
3.Individual wrapped alcohol swabs (walgreens)
4.Hand held mirror
5.Q-tips or cotton tipped swabs
6.Surgical markers (online)online
7. barrier film (online)
8.Surgical masks
9.Small plastic disposable cups (bathroom size for mouthwash)
11. 4x4 CottonGauze (beauty supply or online)beauty supply or online
​12.Scrubs (must be worn to every class)

 Print all of the information about Medical Micropigmentation: (there are questions on the state test you must study this info)



Permanent Makeup Academy inc. Contract

Tuition is $12,000 for the medical micropigmentation course. A non-refundable $2000 deposit must be made to guarantee your space in the class. All students must be paid in full before they can begin clinical procedures.
Cancellations must be made three weeks before class.
Students must purchase all permanent makeup supplies before the first day of class.
Scrubs and tennis shoes must be worn to every class.
There are no makeup classes.
Clinical and observation times will be held the same time every week Monday 8am-5pm if they are not finished during class.
Students must have clinical patients (friends and family) to perform 8 procedures of each eyeliner, lips, and eyebrows. $150 (cash only) will be charged for each procedure to cover doctors’ fees and supplies. The class is only three months; students must start finding clinical patients as soon as possible!
All students will receive free permanent makeup by Tracy Ward!  

I_________________have read this completely and agree to all terms.
I_________________release Tracy Ward and all of the employees, physicians, volunteers, corporations from all claims, losses, demands, damages or injuries that may occur.
I_________________understand medical micropigmentationis a permanent procedure.
I have read and I fully understand and agree to all terms in this contract between Tracy Ward and Myself and I AGREE TO ALL THE ABOVE POLICIES AND CONDITIONS.

SIGN_________________ DATE_______________

​MY COMMISSION EXPIRES___________________

Deposit Received

Amount_________________ Type of Payment__________ Date_________ 

Permanent Makeup Academy inc.
Tracy Ward C.M.M

City___________________State_____________________ Zip______________
Home Phone_____________________________________________________
Secondary Phone__________________________Fax _____________________
Email Address ____________________________________________________

City_________________________ State_______________Zip______________
Work Phone______________________________________________________

Emergency Contact__________________________________________________
Relationship to you__________________________________________________
Contact Phone______________________________________________________

Nearest relative not living with you______________________________________
Relative Phone______________________________________________________

Instructor Use only
Course date____________Date of completion______________Course Dates______________________________________

The Permanent Makeup Academy
offers a variety of machines for you to practice with and use to help decide what you will prefer when you begin your business.

Rotary Machine
Coil Machine 
Pen Machine
Soft Tap hand tool

The Permanent Makeup Academy also offers advanced classes.

Cheek Blush
Eye Shadow
Eyelash Extensions
Microblade Eyebrows

All students of The Permanent Makeup Academy receive Permanent Makeup and Eyelash Extensions by Tracy Ward at no extra cost.

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